A Superfreaking Non-Birthday/Engagement Party

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Pat Kavs has long been my favourite boozer in Brum, so it was with great pleasure that we graced the stage of the upstairs room last night.

Added to the natural excitement that comes with playing any gig was the fact that we had double reason to celebrate. Not only was it our dear friend Laura’s 30th birthday, but she had also just got engaged to our devilishly handsome bassist, Greg.

However, not one for being centre of attention, Laura didn’t want a fuss, so we weren’t allowed to make a big deal about it when we were on stage.

Cue Pete orchestrating the whole pub in singing Happy Birthday to Laura before we play a single note, as she giggled and bowed her head with embarrassment.

We then launched into Sha La La Lee and continued to pound through an energetic set that got the crowd bouncing on the dancefloor. There were a lot of familiar friendly faces in the crowd, but personally that usually makes me a lot more nervous than playing to a room full of strangers. The second you start to give it some rock ‘n’ roll swagger, you’ll catch the eye of one of your mates who’ll look back at you as if to say ‘simmer down, son’ or snigger because of the bravado that the prima donna that they see before them is exuding. It can really put you off your A game.

Our Tazmanian Devil of a frontman doesn’t seem to suffer from this self-consciousness though. I lost count of how many high-kicks that narrowly missed my head or torso twists with flailing arms that nearly took my guitar out. He was on another level altogether and was even making vulgar hand gestures accompanied by groin thrusts at his wife who was looking on, mildly horrified.

Kudos to Vanessa who stopped the dancefloor in its tracks with her running man during Superfreak and also the guy who shouted, ‘TUNE!’ when we dropped Let’s Dance.

We ended on Hey Ya which had the whole room singing the chorus back at us with people dancing on seats as there was no room left on the floor. Lottie brought the song to a thunderous climax with an incredible drum fill that no one, not even himself, knew he was capable of. I almost took off with excitement.

If the public demands an encore, then an encore they shall have. We leapt back on stage to blast through a hyper version of Hound Dog. It always feels good to be applauded back on for one more song, and this time we could actually play one. The first time we were asked to do an encore, we literally didn’t know any more songs as we’d played all the ones we had learnt and ended up playing Sha La La La Lee for a second time, which felt weird. We’re old pros now, that won’t happen again.

Another triumphant show, another post-set band hug. I might ask for Pete to dry himself off before we embrace next time as I was left completely covered in his sweat. It was like holding an eel in a pair of brothel creepers.

Now it’s time for us to decide what we’re going to record at Higbury Studios next week. We’ll be posting new tunes on here very soon, keep ’em peeled.



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