Almost Buried in St Edmunds

A very short notice booking happened to come in on a free Saturday for us, so off to beautiful Bury St Edmunds we went.

Clare and James were tying the knot and we were of course honoured to provide the entertainment.

Lottie and I picked up the van from Walsall at 8am. Now, not to be rude about the large industrial town just north of Birmingham, but the contrast between its factories and retail parks surrounded by the gargantuan concrete pillars of the M6 versus the idyllic cottages dotted around the lush green and pleasantries of Suffolk could not have been starker.

Halfway along the motorway it dawned on us that we had forgot to bring the most essential piece of kit for a band on the road: duct tape.

Cursing our way to a petrol station, it seemed the rock and roll gods were smiling on us as the services that we had pulled into had bloody shelves of the stuff available to buy.

After a couple of fist pumps each we started to wonder about how many people had been gagged and bound with gaffer tape and then dumped in a layby on this particular stretch of the A14.

Anyway, psychopathic thoughts aside, we arrive at the venue which was a beautiful barn out in the middle of rolling countryside.

The pressure was on as the ceremony had overran leaving us with very little time to set up the PA and soundcheck amidst a near catastrophic power failure at the venue.

However, The Rebel Party Band only break a sweat when performing and triumphing over adversity we somehow managed to get a decent sound going and left to find a pub while guests enjoyed the wedding breakfast.

It was if no one in Bury St Edmunds wanted to take our money as we drove past five boozers that were either closed or even worse, not serving food.

We managed to eventually find somewhere that was showing the cup final as well as cooking grub. The added bonus was the rest of the band looking on as Lottie polished off a sharing platter of beef burgers on his own and then finished off our left overs. Greg’s remaining mucky chips being particularly impressive. How he is not the size of a house is a mystery.

We return to the venue and catch the end of a very heartfelt groom’s speech. We then proceed to tear the roof off the barn with well over a hundred people throwing themselves around the dance floor.

20130512-220206.jpgThings started going mental during Someday. We were giving it our all on stage but the guests were starting to get out of control with stage invasions and even some bloke being thrown through a door by four of his mates, leading to an inevitable pile-on in the mud outside.

Somehow we made it through the set alive and piled the gear back in the van to get back to the safety of our own homes.

None-the-less we gave the party what they wanted and they repaid us by giving us the most energetic response to our set yet.

Thank you to Clare and James for inviting us to be part of your special day, we had a blast.

Next up, a wedding in north London where the bride has asked us to learn to playSearch And Destroy by The Stooges.

And that, my friends, is why we love what we do.


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