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So that was 2015 eh, blink and you miss it. Here at The Rebel Party Band we had an absolute blast. All of our couples who wanted an alternative wedding band were – as always – amazing fun and an utter joy to play for.

The year started with us taking on a couple of requests that really got our brains working and our fingers really sore – No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age and Inhaler by Foals. Totally worth the hard work due to the ridiculous amount of fun they are to play live. Here are some of our other favies we loved learning/playing last year…

The Rat – The Walkmen
Sabotage – Beastie Boys
Pumping on your Stereo – Supergrass
Great Escape – We Are Scientists
Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Song 2 – Blur

We’ve been lucky enough to tick off a variety of pretty sweet venues too including Trinity Buoy Wharf opposite O2 Arena, The Byre at Inchyra – an idyllic barn setting in Scotland, Cargo night club in Shoreditch, Huntsham Court in Devon and more closer to home, a gorgeous wedding at the bride’s parents house. We definitely get out and see some stuff – beats a chinese takeaway that’s for sure.

2015 was an effin great year and we’re starting to get super excited about the bookings we’ve got for 2016. An alternative wedding band definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re up for something different to the usual wedding band tut, give us a shout.

Here’s a little of what last year looked like for us. Big thank you to all the wonderful photographers who let us have these images – Emma Case Photography, Claudia Rose Carter and Lisa Jane Photography.
Alternative wedding bandImage Credit: Claudia Rose CarterAlternative wedding band Image Credit: Lisa Jane Photographyrebelpartyband-23Image Credit: Emma Case Photographyrebelpartyband-19 Image Credit: Emma Case Photographyrebelpartyband-1 Image Credit: Emma Case Photographyrebelpartyband-2  Image Credit: Peter Smythrebelpartyband-5Image Credit: Greg Milnerrebelpartyband-10Image Credit: Claudia Rose Carterrebelpartyband-7Image Credit: Claudia Rose Carter rebelpartyband-9Image Credit: Claudia Rose Carter rebelpartyband-11Image Credit: Claudia Rose Carter rebelpartyband-3Image Credit: Peter SmythLisa Jane PhotographyImage Credit: Lisa Jane Photography

The Rebel Party band are an alternative wedding band who love making parties happen all over the UK and beyond. See you on the dancefloor x


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