Best Wedding-Mom Ever!

The View From The Van

The View From The Van

We head to the beautiful Beechen Hill Farm in Derbyshire to play for the beautiful Kathryn and Niall’s beautiful friends and family. Everywhere we look is either a breath-taking Peak District view or a breath-takingly good-looking guest.

As we load in, groom Niall welcomes us and tells us how much he’s looking forward to our set; ‘I’ve been telling everyone you’re like 2 Many DJs with guitars.’ To which Pete and I both gulp, simultaneously flattered and daunted by the prospect of living up to such a massive big-up before we’ve even plugged anything in.

A pre-gig crisp buffet for the rhythm section

A pre-gig crisp buffet for the rhythm section

The Maccabees’ Toothpaste Kisses is the perfect choice for the first dance, which our Greg delivers impeccably on acoustic guitar with Pete performing his first and possibly last ever whistling solo. Not sure there’s much call for Wind of Change at weddings these days. Sadly.

Possibly the best mom at any wedding ever is Niall’s as she jives at breakneck speed across the dancefloor- she is incredible, lindy hopping like her life depends on it. She even gives it some as Jay Z and Kanye pumps through the PA between our two sets.

Another lasting memory will no doubt be watching Lottie eat more brie from the buffet that one person’s arteries can surely take. Thankfully he avoided a cheese related cardiac arrest so we could honour the booking.

House of Jealous Lovers and Daft Punk is Playing at My House round off our second set triumphantly. Chants of ‘ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!’ are hurled at us and Niall requests we give them another rendition of Don’t Look Back Into The Sun. We oblige but are subsequently asked politely by the venue to leave the stage as everyone needs to go home.

We would have carried on until we’d played everything we know, and when we had done that, we’d have played everything all over again but as the cliche goes; all good things must come to an end.

The party carries on regardless though, with a capella versions of Livin’ On A Prayer and Don’t Stop Believing being belted out into the Derbyshire hills as revellers stumble on to their bus home. What a hoot.


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