Doing The Dutty Wine in Devon

The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of being in a band on the road involves a hell of a lot of waiting around. But when you’re waiting for sundown so you can go on stage and the view is this…

New Image3

Huntsham Court – not too shabby

…then it’s not so bad.

The lovely bride and groom with impeccable taste this weekend were Sebastian and Patricia, whom after seeing us at Laura’s 30th birthday party made us very happy by booking us to play their wedding reception at Huntsham Court in Devon.

Patricia had already written very nice things about us on her Elle blog, so we were super excited about paying her back by entertaining their wedding guests.

After booking ourselves into a very basic motorway-side hotel and reciting Alan Partridge quotes, we head to the venue which is situated in the most idyllic English countryside perceivable and begin setting up.

New Image2

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

We felt as close as we’ll ever feel to being in a period drama. The fact that we ate our dinner in the servants quarter before the show, heightened the sense of being below stairs on Downtown Abbey, or some other programme about old things that I’ve never watched.

So, doing our best not to break anything expensive and not get distracted by the Christie’s auction catalogues that were just lying about, we do a quick soundcheck and launch into our set.

New Image

This guy really freaked me out. Now I have to get my Mrs to check for wardrobe tigers before I get into bed.

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt know the drill by now – yes, of course we nailed it, we’re The Rebel Party Band. It kinda goes without saying.

We were complimented by some pretty sick DJs that played either side of our gig, and as we couldn’t leave without our PA that was being used for the music, we thought we’d take the opportunity to have a little dance.

That day’s edition of The Guardian Guide printed some very useful instructions on how to master certain contemporary dance moves, which came in handy and was passed around the dancefloor with enthusiasm. I’m a 32 year old man and I finally know how to dutty wine. Thank you, The Guardian.

Also, massive kudos to the senior gentleman who was flexing to the sounds of Madonna’s Holiday at 1am.

Thank you to Sebastian and Patricia for inviting us and to their amazing guests who danced for us – you’re ace!

Pete and I celebrating like kings at breakfast the next morning.


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