Field Music

It seems like we do more weddings in fields than not in fields these days. This is a welcome change when considering some of the grubby dives we’ve each played in during our respective musical journeys. In this instance we provide the party for Harry and Samra in a glamorous marquee the size of most indie circuit venues we’ve played at.

This wedding threw up a very interesting cultural combination with Harry being Scottish and Samra’s family hailing from Ethiopia, via the USA. We were slightly put on the spot when when were specifically asked to drop some tunes in the DJ set from both families’ countries of origin.

However, it turns out Greg’s really big on the Ethiopian dance scene, which came in handy…

Who knew?

Then cue some impromptu Ceilidh dancing and this turns into the most culturally diametric wedding we’ve had the pleasure of playing.

Still, no matter where you’re from, people all love a good knees up to a bit of Hey Ya, which we close our two-hour set with to rapturous applause as well as mightily some impressive high-kicks on the dance floor.



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