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Photo-bomber Smyth in action

Photo-bomber Smyth in action

Our first wedding of the year also turned out to be our first wedding we’ve played in Birmingham. So, it was down the Hagley Road to The Plough and Harrow where we were delighted to play for Tom and Annie and their guests.

And what a great couple they are; they hardly left the dancefloor all night which is about as high a compliment a wedding band can get.

Greg, Lottie and I were especially looking forward to this gig as Tom and Annie’s request for their first dance was La Bamba and waiting to hear Pete sing in Spanish gave us great amusement. #banter, as they say on he internet.

Unfortunately, Pete actually did a good job of learning a second language in about a fortnight (well, the lyrics to this song at least) and it wasn’t anywhere near as funny as the rest of us hoped it would be. Even the Spanish waitress didn’t seem remotely offended. Result.

Now, regular readers of this blog and anyone who knows us will be aware of how hard we have tried to brand The Rebel Party Band as a “cool” alternative to those cheesy wedding acts that people with even the slightest inkling of taste would despise. We take what we do extremely seriously and take great care with how the band is presented from the songs we play, even down to what colour mic cables we use.

So, when during our DJ set Greg is asked if he can play One Direction the look on his face is priceless as he weighs up destroying our own notion of what we think is cool… Or not playing the one song that the eight-year old lad, who has danced down the front all-night, really wants to hear.

“Andy, Andy, come here.”

“What’s up?”

“Just come here a sec.”

“No, I’m not pressing play. You want me to press play don’t you?”

“If you press it, then I technically haven’t played One Direction.”

“No way, you’re the DJ.”

Ah well, spinning That’s What Makes You Beautiful was a fair pay-off for how much young Sean danced and played air guitar. Plus, who are we trying to kid? Just look at the photo at the top of this page. Harry Styles isn’t exactly being given a run for his money is he?

Random moment of the night was when someone fashioned a skipping rope out of what looked like a very long scarf with ladies jumping it while we played I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor. However, the most touching moment was when Annie and her dad were given the floor to themselves to jive to our version of Jailhouse Rock- awesome.

Let’s hope the rest of our wedding season is as good as this. Congratulations Tom and Annie x


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