How and why we do what we do…sort of…

When I met up with Pete, Greg and Lottie to discuss the idea of me being the guitarist in the band, I was in two minds. I didn’t want to just be in a slack wedding outfit that would bang out a load of covers, regardless of whether I liked them or not.

However, when I got married a couple of years back, I really wanted a pro-band to perform the kind of music our mates and family would really dance to, but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t either:

or some horrible hybrid of


So when Pete explained to me that there was to be a ‘No Sex On Fire Rule’, I knew that I would be working with the right people. Nothing against Kings of Leon, but do we really need to hear that song again?

We thrashed out a few songs that we definitely would want to do e.g. Lonely Boy by The Black Keys and Back In The USSR by The Beatles, but then choosing enough songs to fill out a set became quite difficult, especially when the criteria for picking songs seemed to be:

– Can you dance to it?

– Is it too obvious?

– Is it too obscure?

– Has it already been done to death?

– Are we doing too many of a similar kind of song in the set?

– Is it too blokey?

– Can we do a good enough version with our set up of guitar, bass, drums and vocals?

– Is it too cheesy?

– Is it cheesy enough?

So, if we run through those questions for every song that we think of, it can leave us with a fairly limited choice. What we always try to do though, is make each song we tackle our own. For instance we’re working on a version of Let’s Dance by David Bowie that is coming across with quite a muscular groove as opposed to the effeminate synth-funk of the original. Also, you should hear our version of Dolly Parton’s 9-5 – it’s a kind of psycho-girly-punk-funk-disco and gets everyone on the dancefloor.

But we’re still working on the giant mice:




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