Karaoke Bombed


We specialise in fairy tale weddings

Two years after we originally played at Huntsham Court, we were back with a bang to play for Harriet and Niels and their guests.

Typically for a lengthy journey down the M5, the van banter (or vanter – as nobody should ever call it) flies about. However, as we come off the motorway at junction 27 and we start to recognise the beautiful country roads that lead to the venue, there is a stark realisation between us that we’ve probably been telling the same jokes / quotes from Alan Partridge, Back to The Future, The Dukes of Hazzard, Teenwolf etc. on EVERY SINGLE for the past two years.

It’s a good job we introduce new songs more than we do new gags, otherwise this could get very dull.

As we wait to hit the stage, it’s time to soak up the ambience and relax – although it’s seemingly not possible to relax as much as this guy, pictured in a copy of The Times that was knocking about:


You can’t be that short of cash, Ringo, surely?

Anyone who knocks the fourth best drummer in The Beatles in my presence will always get a stern talking down to and pointed in the direction of this:


…and pretty much anything off Abbey Road. Yet, some things are indefensible. I mean, wearing Sketchers, let alone endorsing them!

Anyway, we play to a heaving dance floor with holes being worn through the soles of dancing shoes and everything feels natural on stage.

That is until we get, what can only be described as; karaoke bombed.

About five or six songs in we notice lyric sheets being passed around and we are asked to hold fire by Neils’ family while they commandeer our PA so everybody can join in a big old sing-song of I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

This, I know, all sounds rather bizarre – but by half-way through the second rendition it starts to make total sense. We then continue to play the rest of our set to a great crowd of lovely, lovely people who made an otherwise very long day (see above point about old jokes) a complete blast.


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