Ta-co! Ta-co! Ta-co!

What a hoot this gig turned out to be!


Teepee-tastic. Possibly the best venue we’ve played.

Ellie and Ed made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. They asked if we would play in their teepee for their supercool wedding reception, and would we learn Search and Destroy by The Stooges and for the first dance, could we play New Order’s Ceremony?

Errrr YEAH!!

It was pretty obvious that we were going to be playing for fellow music nuts straight away and then when we were given a seven and a half hour playlist of tunes to DJ with, spanning from The Strokes to Kate Bush, to say we were excited would have been a massive understatement.

Plus, we got to spend the day with Pete’s wife Emma as they were both shooting the wedding, arriving the night before.

I pick up the hire van at 9am and collect Greg with our recently purchased, very swish PA and lighting rig. Lottie follows us down to the venue on his motorbike as he has to leave before we start the post-gig DJ set to make his way across Scandinavia on a push bike. The mad fool.

The teepee is pitched at the beautiful Buckettsland Farm near St Albans and with lightning speed we set up and sound check feeling pretty confident about the set ahead of us. The sun is shining and everyone is smiling – I think this is what summer is supposed to be like.

Guests start to arrive and looking stunning, is Ellie followed by her equally dapper husband, Ed. We are extremely well looked after, being invited to tuck into some amazing paella and a couple of cold ones from the bar- we could get used to this.

Oh, and the Stilton! Wow! The Stilton for pudding. Am-a-zing! Still buzzing off that now.

To be asked to learn a song for a first dance is an honour and add to that the fact that the song would be the beautiful Joy Division/New Order emotional behemoth that is Ceremony, well, we were all stoked.

…and if we do say so ourselves, we did a pretty good job of it before ripping into our, now trademark, party set and quickly saw the dance floor swell with a hundred jiving bodies.

We were having a blast and the crowd were too. Our last few gigs have seen us become a much more slick, tighter unit and we were all motoring along with a real powerful bounce. After a quick break, we launched into the second set with a fantastically happy crowd giving us back the energy we were putting in on stage.

And in all our combined years of gigging with various bands, none of us have witnessed anything quite like grannies giving it loads in a mosh pit to the sounds of Search and Destroy. In fairness, they are probably the same age as Iggy Pop is now.

We end the set with White Wedding and the crowd groaned with disappointment that we had to leave the stage. At least until Pete informs them that we need to go because the Taco Truck had arrived to feed everybody. Then in a really surreal moment, Pete lead a chant of “TA-CO! TA-CO! TA-CO!” which appeased the dancers somehow. Food always beats music – we know our place.

Greg does a great job keeping the party going during the DJ set while Lottie speeds home on his motorbike to get some kip before his fortnight long euro cycle.

We say goodbye to Emma who leaves Pete going nuts on the dance floor. Bad decision there by Pete, if he’d had just gone home with his wife he wouldn’t have sprained his ankle dancing overly enthusiastically to Hard to Explain. I have never seen a face turn so quickly from sheer joy to excruciating pain. Lolz.


A makeshift ice-pack for Pete’s poorly ankle.

Despite the injury, I think we may have played one of the best wedding receptions ever, for two very cool, amazing people. Thank you Ellie and Ed and all your lovely guests, you were ace!



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