We need to keep these cats cookin’

christmas tree

What’s better than a Christmas tree? A Christmas tree at a wedding!

The delectable Julia and the devilishly-handsome Ed made the comendable decision to make Christmas even more magical by getting hitched, holding their reception at the stunning Abbots Hill School in Hemel Hempstead.

We were flattered that they chose us to provide the party, plus we all needed the excercise after consuming each of our own bodyweight in meat, cheese and chocolate over the past couple of weeks.

So despite harnessing a little holiday wobble, we blast through a set that includes a few new ones for us, that (thankfully) go down fantastically well on the dancefloor; House Of Jealous Lovers by The Rapture, Reptilia by The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem’s Daft Punk Is Playing At My House.

Being in The Rebel Party Band, we more often than not play for people with great taste in music and Julia and Ed are obviously discerning listeners, requesting that we play versions of The Lovecats by The Cure and The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights.

Pretty awesome, right?

Our first of two sets ends with the floor filled with guests eager to carry on dancing. While we take a break and some dirty R&B spins from an iPod, Pete and I look across to see a group of girls giving Miley Cyrus a run for her money – in a fully-clothed, classy and respectable kind of way you must understand.

Pete: “We need to keep these cats cookin’.”

Me: “What did you say?”

Pete: “We need to keep these cats cookin’.”

Me: “That’s what I thought you said, I just couldn’t quite believe those words came out of your mouth.”

Turns out that Pete was just unleashing his inner Huggy Bear.

We fire up the second set and do indeed keep all cats cookin’ until the stroke of midnight when we’re all having such fun that it feels as if it’s over too soon.

Thanks a million to Julia and Ed for booking us and sincere thanks to everyone who really went for it, it was a privilage to play for you.

Happy New Year from The Rebel Party Band xxx

PS, if you’re interested, here’s the playlist we listened to in the van on the way down to the wedding. 🙂


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