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How to Sleep with Wet Hair: Useful Tips for Better Health


Wake up in the morning with a bed head and wet hair? That’s because you’ve been sleeping with damp hair. While this might be a common beauty dilemma, we recommend that you stop doing it! Sleeping with damp hair will lead to frizzy, dry locks and some serious damage. Read on for how to sleep without having your hair get wet.

The question I get the most from my clients is, “How do you sleep with wet hair?” The answer to this question varies depending on your hair type, length, and thickness. I’ll give a few tips for those of you looking for a way to make it work! For those of us with short hair, try bobby pinning back any stray hairs that might be in front of your face. If your hair is long enough, put it up into a bun or ponytail before going to bed. One last tip: wrap a silk scarf around the bun or ponytail before going to sleep – this will keep water out and help prevent breakage.

How to survive a night with wet hair

Wet hair is tough to manage and can make it hard to sleep. Here’s how you can get a good night’s rest with wet hair:

  • wet hairWrap your head in a towel for 10 minutes before bedtime, then remove the towel.
  • Use pillowcases made of fabric or do not have any coating on them like silk or satin. This will prevent the dampness from seeping into the pillowcase and ruining it overnight.
  • Try brushing your hair before going to sleep, if possible, but be mindful of tangles which may create discomfort when sleeping. If tangles are unavoidable, tie up your hair in a loose bun at night so that they don’t pull on individual strands while you’re asleep.
  • Tie up all the knots in your hair by brushing it before going to bed.
  • Put a plastic shower cap over your pillowcases as an extra precautionary measure against any leaks that might occur during the night.
  • Wash out all of your makeup off before going to bed so there won’t be anything left behind on the pillowcase if something happens during the night
  • Keep some towels nearby just in case

Sleeping with hair wet

Women often worry about sleeping with wet hair, but the truth is your hair will dry overnight. If you habit going to bed with damp or wet locks, we will teach you how to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed.

For your hair to look its best in the morning, it must dry out as much as possible during the night. This can be achieved by making sure there are no heat sources near the headboard, such as lamps or electronics because these emit infrared radiation that will impede drying time. It’s also important not to use too many products before getting into bed since they act as a barrier between your scalp and air circulation, preventing moisture from escaping while you’re asleep.