How much does The Rebel Party Band cost?

Please get in touch for a quote. We would love to give you an instant quote but there are many variables that affect the price. These include peak dates, travel times, set times and finish times.

Does your price include everything?

To make it easier our quotes include everything including the state of the art PA for up to 250 guests and LED stage lighting.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a deposit of 25% to secure the date. As soon as we have received the deposit the date is booked!

Can I request songs for you to play?

We always try our best to learn one request, this is normally your first dance song. There will be times when a request simply doesn’t fit our line up and instruments, so for this reason we cannot guarantee all requests but we will work with you to find something that does.

How long do you play for?

Our fee is based on us playing up to 2 hours of music. How you split that up is entirely up to you but we generally do 2 x 60 minute sets. We can play for longer at extra cost.

What’s the line up?

We are a 4 piece band consisting of bass, drums, guitar and male vocals. We pride ourselves on playing real music with real instruments. We love reworking songs and playing in our own unique style.

Can I choose all the songs you play?

It’s always best to leave the set to us. We are experts in this matter and will always play the right setlist for the occasion. If there are one or two songs in our repetiore which you would rather we didn’t play then we’ll be happy to oblige.

Do you have Public Liability insurance and is all your equipment PAT tested?

Yes, we have public liability insurance and all our gear is PAT tested. Documentation to prove this is available on request.

How far do you travel?

We travel both nationally and internationally to play at events.

How much space to you need?

Ideally we need a minimun space of 5m x 4m deep but we have been known to squeeze into smaller areas when absolutely necessary.

Will I need to provide any equipment for the band?

The band is fully self contained with PA system for up to 250 guests, sound desk and lights. We do require that the venue has at least two standard power points situated near the performance space.

Can you arrive in the morning to setup for an evening event?

If we are available, yes. However, an extra fee may be applicable.

How long do you take to setup?

We like to allow approx 2 hours to load in, setup and sound check. We will always run through a couple of number to fully balance the sound to the venue prior to the performance. Therefore, it is important that you account for this in your schedule.

Can you play recorded/background music between the sets?

We sure can. We can play music before we play and during the interval. Obviously, we love great music, and always choose the right songs for the occasion, but if you’d prefer to choose it yourself, simply put together a playlist on your iPod and we can play that.

What lighting will you bring?

We have two multi directional LED bar lighting rigs, one on either side of the stage. This will provide great lighting for the stage and dancefloor. However, if you require a more extravagant lighting rig get in touch and we’ll be able to advise you on what to get.

Do I need to provide food for the band?

The Rebel Party Band love food. Especially when they’ve been travelling for a few hours, setting up loads of gear and about to bring the party and fill that dancefloor.

If you have any other questions, please email us info@therebelpartyband.com.


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